Thinc Treatments – Laser

Thinc Waterlase Pain-free Fillings

waterlasePain free dentistry is a major selling point, so I’ve brought this across in consumer-friendly language.
Pain free dentistry isn’t a fantasy any more – it’s here, and it’s available right now at Thinc Clinic.
There are no needles, no conventional drills and no pain – we do it all with a laser.  The revolutionary Waterlase technology works by using laser and water to remove decay from your teeth.
At the same time, the laser desensitises the nerve endings inside the tooth, which means no need for the use of needles and anaesthetic.The precision of laser dentistry allows for the minimal removal of surrounding tooth structure.

At Thinc Clinc, we use the Waterlase for fillings, root canals and soft tissue surgery as well as treating gum disease and recitifying loose teeth.



Thinc Periodontal treatment – Gingivitis

periodontalIf your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you could have gingivitis – which can become a more serious case of periodontisis if left untreated.
At Thinc Clinic we treat gingivitis using the most advanced combination of two different laser therapies, which has several advantages:

  • Targets affected gum tissue directly
  • Less bleeding and pain
  • Faster healing
  • Reduces loosening of teeth
  • Encourages regeneration of bone and ligaments





Thinc Pain Relief

headacheYou don’t have to live with pain. If you suffer from persistent headaches, facial pain or neck pain, you could have TMJ pain – and we can help. The specialist team at the Thinc Pain Clinic will assess your case and come up with a plan of action to make a pain-free life a reality for you.

Symptoms of TMJ pain include:

Pain in your jaw
Difficulty opening your mouth
Clicking noise when you open your mouth
Neck pain

There are other types of pain that can be triggered by problems with your bite and jaw. The good news is that a pain-free life is possible with the right combination of treatment.

Contact us now to set up an appointment at our pain clinic.


Thinc Cold sore and ulcer treatment

colsoreCold sores and mouth ulcers can be embarrassing as well as painful.  All you need to sort them out is five minutes’ treatment with a laser.

At Thinc Clinic we treat cold sores and ulcers using low level light therapy (LLLT). Treatment is simple: the cold sore or ulcer will be exposed to low level laser therapy for a minute or two. This disinfects the lesion, kickstarts the healing process and reduces pain.