Thinc General Dentistry

generic_dentallGeneral Dentistry is about more than just the regular six monthly dental checkup.

As a new patient,  your first appointment will include a comprehensive discussion with your dentist to understand your priorities and concerns, before coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

We involve you in every aspect of your treatment and explain how and why every procedure is necessary before going ahead.

Thanks to our advanced diagnostic tools, we pick up problems before they start to hurt.





Thinc Oral hygiene

oral_hygOral hygiene is vital to keep your smile looking great. Our highly trained oral hygienists will take care of all your oral hygiene needs.

Treatments we offer include:

  • scaling and polishing
  • root planing
  • fluoride treatment.
  • bacteriological and genetic testing
  • TMJ pain relief
  • cold sore and canker sore treatment
  • laser gum disease treatment




Thinc Crowns

crownsAt Thinc Dental, full ceramic crowns are milled on-site to give you a new smile within just one session.
We offer Cerec full ceramic crowns which look natural and are strong as well as long-lasting.

In addition the materials are biologically compatible with your mouth, and have the strength to withstand your normal bite strength. We recommend Cerec full ceramic crowns for patients with:

large fillings on molar and front teeth.
broken teeth.
metal based ceramic crowns.





Thinc Ceramic Fillings

ceramic_fillingDon’t allow ugly old metal fillings to ruin your smile. Now with Cerec ceramic fillings we can remove that unsightly old amalgam filling and replace it with a ceramic inlay that matches the rest of the tooth. Advantages of Cerec ceramic fillings include:

  • highly durable
  • better at preventing secondary decay.
  • look natural

Replace your old fillings and enjoy the confidence to laugh with your mouth open wide.






Thinc Immediate Loading Implants

implantsAt Thinc Dental, we offer a novel approach to dental implants. We place temporary teeth onto the implant screws immediately after implant placement for front teeth, or for a full arch. We call this procedure Immediate Loading Implants.
There are several advantages with this approach:

Minimal time without teeth, so minimal discomfort and embarrassment
Better integration with gum tissue
Confidence to speak and eat after the procedure






Thinc Genetic and Bacteriological Testing

bacterialDid you know that the bacteria in your mouth can affect your overall health? Knowing what types of bacteria are found in your mouth can help us predict and prevent future dental health problems such as cavities and periodontal disease.

Genetic and bacteriological testing involves taking swabs from your mouth and having them analysed in a laboratory.

You will be given a full report on the type of bacteria found in your mouth, and your dentist will discuss a management program to ensure the prevention possible problems.

If we do find harmful bacteria, we eradicate them with dental lasers, and in some cases recommend antibiotics.





The Thinc Graduate and Training Programme

graduate_trainingWe run ongoing courses aimed at bringing professionals up to speed with the latest technology in dentistry and medical aesthetics.