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Thinc Smile Makeover


If you feel less than confident about your smile, Thinc Clinic can help you in as little as one session.

The perfect smile isn’t about looking like a carbon copy of a Hollywood star  – it’s about being the best possible version of you. That’s why we look so carefully at your facial structure before we decide on how best to give you the smile you’ve always wanted

claire_newWe call it  “Smile Design” and our many happy patients are proof that the Thinc Clinic way is working.

We offer the following smile makeover treatments: Each bullet point to be clickable with an embedded link to further information

Veneers and crowns
Teeth whitening
Dental ageing treatment
Gummy smile correction and gum lightening
Full mouth rehab

5 Year Warranty on any procedures performed




Thinc Dental Facelift


Want to look years younger within a single treatment? Consider the Thinc Dental Facelift – the result of combining enamel reconstruction with medical aesthetics.

Did you know that ageing doesn’t just affect your skin – it also impacts on your teeth? As you age, the thickness of your enamel changes, your teeth darken and the proportions of your jaw alter.

After assessing you, we treat worn enamel and ageing teeth with veneers or full crowns. Because Thinc Clinic is able to make veneers and crowns on site while you wait, you can look significantly younger within a single appointment.

It’s important to remember that each case is unique, and if giving your teeth a makeover is not enough on its own, we may recommend additional procedures to get the result you want.




Thinc Teeth Whitening

Candice Abrahms - Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening is the quickest and easiest way to freshen up your smile and make a positive difference to your confidence.

At Thinc Dental we offer a unique combination of two teeth-whitening procedures

Biolase Laser Teeth Whitening
Zoom Teeth Whitening

Why use a combination of treatments?

UV treatments alone such as Zoom Teeth Whitening often leave patients with pain and sensitivity. By combining the two procedures and using laser after UV whitening, we can minimise the pain you experience.

At Thinc Dental, we combine the advantages of both teeth whitening methods to achieve optimal results for each of our patients.



Thinc Veneers

Dental VeneersWish you could fix chipped, discoloured or slightly skew front teeth? Veneers are the answer for you.

There’s a reason you’ve seen veneers used on makeover shows – they look good, and results can be achieved quickly. Veneers are made of ceramics and bonded onto the front of your teeth. They look amazingly natural – and because Dr Sam Thandar has over 10,000 veneer cases under his belt,  you can be confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

At Thinc Dental, our veneers are made in a single appointment – which means you leave with an instant new smile.






Thinc Waterlase Gum Recontouring

ina_newIf you’ve ever worried that your teeth are too small or you show too much gum when you smile, we have a solution for you.

Painful surgery used to be the only answer to correcting a gummy smile. Now, thanks to laser technology, pain and bleeding are reduced and healing time is speeded up. Our Waterlase treatment can help you get the smile you want within just one session.







Thinc Gum Lightening:

neemEmbarrassment caused by dark coloured gums is now a thing of the past. We use a state of the art technique to reverse the pigmentation in a single appointment. This is easily achieved using a single laser gum treatment.









Thinc Full Mouth Rehab

patricia_newTired of nagging dental problems? A full mouth rehab might be what you need to feel and look good.

Pain, bite problems and loss of teeth can have a major impact on your sense of well being as well as your self-confidence. This is when we recommend a full mouth rehabilitation, where we assess your bite and tooth wear before coming up with a plan on what treatment is needed. A combination of treatments to ensure that your teeth are restored to natural dimension and beauty.

Look and feel so much better by investing in your long-term dental wellness.






Thinc Sedation

sedationFor patients who are anxious about pain even with laser dentistry we have a team of specialist anaesthetists able to sedate you intravenously.