“What an incredible world class facility! The staff are all at the forefront of trusted technology, professional and friendly!

I’m so impressed with my teeth whitening and veneers: it was quick with amazing results!

I would recommend anyone have a consultation at Thandar Inc before anywhere else if you want the best! I wouldn’t trust my smile with anyone else!” Sarah-Kate Scott – Mrs SA 2015







“There are few things I cannot live without and one is my dentist!Your teeth will be with you for the rest of your life the least one can do is look after them.

Thank you Thandar Inc. for looking after my smile and most importantly the health of my teeth.

Your practice is high end and has the latest technology; most importantly your service is thorough and pleasant!

Thank you for keeping me smiling confidently; you are the best dentist in South Africa!” Amanda Du-Pont Actress | Television Presenter | Commercial and Fitness Model





“They say no pain no gain! But at Thandar that is just not true, with minimum discomfort beautiful teeth can be yours.

Now that is something to smile about.” Candice Abrahams Mrs World









“Age 14, I lost one of my 2 front teeth from slipping on a driveway. Dentists then did not have the know how or technology as we have today. So I made do with what I was given to fix the situation at that time and all was just memory till a few months ago a close friend gave me supportive advice to have my teeth treated and rejuvenated as my teeth had gone all askew.

The care, the precision and the way in which my problem was solved by Thinc Clinic was record time 48 hours not the usual months on end situation. My greatest thank you goes to Dr Sam Thandar for making an amazing difference in my smile and my life.

As a Mrs South Africa Finalist 2016 , I now have a new confidence in my bright smile and would recommend all families to go 6 monthly as my family does for their oral hygiene clean too . I’m proud to be associated with the prestigious Thinc Clinic and they are an Official Mrs South Africa sponsor.” Claire Gardiner Mrs SA Finalist top 25




dental_faceliftAnd so I got used to the fact that my mouth would always be ugly, my bite non existent, the colours of my upper plates would vary from beige to dark yellow. And people would like me because of my personality. Indeed my own father in trying to prepare me, a teenager of 14, for the materialistic world out there actually told me that I was not pretty and I would have to develop my personality if I was to integrate into society.

From the time in 1984 when I reacted to an Adrenaline Injection  which was followed immediately by what I thought was a heart attack ( which long after I understood to be a panic attack) until August 2015 I developed an  absolute terror of even simply sitting in a dentist’s chair. I was afraid to approach a dentist but excruciating pain  forced to do so because of rotting teeth, root canal and gum surgery some of which I endured without anaesthesia.  I ended up having to take a tanquiliser beforehand and filled my ears with the loud sounds of an MP3 player during treatment, my heart beating 120 beats a minute. I knew that I would need 7 implants on the top and the replacement of all the crowns at the bottom…..but made no plans whatsoever to implement this strong suggestion…… and I carried on life wishing that glasses on my mouth were more acceptable than on my fairly attractive eyes. That was not to be.

In May 2016 I found myself staring at an article in The Star newspaper about a gorgeous looking dentist and his amazing, miracle producing dental laser.” Wow”, I thought to myself,” I could now go and have all that dental work without an injection! No, cant be. This was too good to be true.”

From our first meeting things happened rapidly.  Within a few days  there I was, actually calmly sitting in Dr Pearl’s dental chair surrounded by him, Dr Thandar and another dentist in his practise.On a Dormicum and tranquiliser I promptly fell into a warm and soothing sleep still able, I was later told ,to speak. In a couple of hours it was all over. I had absolutely no pain during the surgery nor did I experience palpitations.

By December I was fitted with the permanent implants and what a surprise I had. I really only wanted and expected just to have a mouth of workable teeth.

What Dr Thandar did was actually to give me a form of plastic surgery.  My upper and lower jaw touched each other the first time in their existence. All the teeth were matched to the colour of the whites of my eyes. With the aid of computer technology Dr Thandar did what no jaw surgery could do.My face had miraculously been transformed by a brilliant and very empathetic dentist.

I would recommend this procedure to any one afraid of dental work, unhappy with the shape, colour, bite of their teeth.  It is an absolute transformation and has given me so much confidence and joy. I wonder what my father would say now!

Patricia Flaum