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Dental Facelift

Dental Facelift Issue 11: Pg 46-47 The Aesthetic Report Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Dental – When it comes to facial ageing,... View Article

Losing Snooze…

Losing Snooze… Issue 10: Pg 52 The Aesthetic Report Snoring is a condition that affects close to 40% of population.... View Article

Dental Care Query?

Dental Care Query? Issue 9: Pg 48 Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Magazine Our resident dental specialist Dr Sam Thandar, answers your... View Article

The Gummy Smile

The Gummy Smile Issue 8: Pg 42 Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Magazine The lips, teeth and gums play a vital role... View Article

Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile Issue 7: Pg 42 Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Magazine Dr Sam Thandar provides us with 5 great ways to... View Article

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